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Wendy's scare thru

Wendy's and TMA's experiential marketing team stepped up to save Halloween during the pandemic, turning a drive thru into a Scare Thru.

Wendy's spooktacular drive thru saves Halloween

In 2020, Wendy’s refused to let Halloween get cancelled. So, they transformed an ordinary drive-thru in Los Angeles into Wendy’s Scare Thru, an immersive haunted house that delivered thrills, chills, and tasty food. Drivers placed their order then navigated a spooky tunnel complete with ghoulish lights, frightful sounds, and some of the scariest villains imaginable – a creepy clown, a mad king, and a “Jack”-o-Lantern. At the end, customers got their food and a much-needed taste of Halloween. Wendy’s Scare Thru was a massive hit with five-hour wait times and nearly 100 million in earned media impressions.