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Experiential marketing agency, The Marketing Arm and Wendy’s delivered countless sail-thru orders to ensure that fans were able to enjoy the one-of-a-kind Sailgating activation.

Wendy's Sailgating

TMA and Wendy’s embraced the sailgating tradition at the University of Washington, dishing out menu favorites to hungry college football fans from the brand’s first ever restaurant on the water.

Wendy’s always listens to their fans — no matter what.

When fans demanded the return of Spicy Nuggets, the brand found a way to make quite the splash. By partnering with Fox College Football, they leaned into one of the sport’s most unique traditions: sailgating at the University of Washington. In just 15 business days, they built a 96-foot floating Wendy’s on the water. During the game, fans sailed over to load up on Spicy Nuggets, Dave’s Singles, and Frostys. This one-of-a-kind sampling experience also served as a 360 activation, including social, digital, and live TV look-ins.