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Young Guru DJing at TMA's Influencer Continuum event, connecting influencers with brands.

The influencer continuum

Influencer marketing experts on the panel in a group photo at TMA's Influencer Continuum.

TMA creates epic collaboration between top brands and influencers

Where is influencer marketing heading? How can all parties get the most out of it? These questions drove us to create The Influencer Continuum, a three-day collaboration session between influencers (from A-list celebs to micros), brands, and platforms. To keep the conversations flowing, we created custom influencer playbooks complete with culture-shifting ideas to help brands understand how to make their mark with influencer marketing. And there was no shortage of entertainment and inspiration. During the day, attendees engaged with top content creators through fireside chats, panels, workshops, and speed dating. When the sun went down, some of the biggest names in music got the crowd on their feet. In the end, brands got a deeper understanding of influencer marketing. And influencers got some new gigs. Win win.