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Harley-Davidson threw a pool party with 30 VIP Influencers with our experiential marketing team.

Harley-davidson @ coachella

Influencers immersed themselves in the brand at our Coachella party

Harley hits Coachella with an exclusive Insta-worthy party

Sometimes the best idea is the right party at the right time. To connect with a new target, Harley-Davidson threw an Insta-worthy pool party on a private estate during Coachella. The hype was real. With an exclusive guest list of 30 VIP influencers, the experience was all about Harley gear, gifts and their new ride, the LiveWire. They even had a fashion customization station where influencers immersed themselves in the brand. The party worked in a big way. Influencers snapped and shared and soon, Harley became part of the fabric of Coachella.