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Gateway to Greatness not your typical internship

Paid, 40-hour-week position

Doing real work for real clients

Create & present an actual client pitch

Immersed into agency life

TMA Internships are not about making coffee. We help you discover your hidden talents and greatness. It is in there, come unlock it with us!

If you’re looking to
make coffee & do busy
work, you’ve come to
the wrong place.

What is gateway to greatness?

Gateway to Greatness (GtoG) isn’t your typical internship — it’s so much more.
GtoG is a paid, 40-hour-week position where “apprentices” are immersed in
agency life as part of a team, doing real work for real clients. As an apprentice,
you’ll participate in lunch-and-learns, attend culture events, and work with other
apprentices to create and present an actual client pitch. So if you’re looking to
make coffee and do busy work, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Who we want

We want recent graduates with a desire to join TMA in our quest to
inspire the best people to improve daily, think bigger, and maximize fun.
You should be motivated, smart, scrappy, creative, and coachable. We’re looking
for candidates with diverse talents, backgrounds, and experiences who are eager
to roll up their sleeves and add value as part of an elite program at a top agency. If
this sounds like you, then you just might be GtoG material.

How to apply

There are two GtoG sessions each year: Session one runs from January to May,
and session two runs from June to December. The hiring process begins 4-6 weekes before
each session. Applications for the upcoming GtoG session - which will run January 6,2020
through May 29, 2020 - will be posted October 28, 2019. Click below to learn more about
the different apprentice opportunities and to apply.

view opportunities


Q. How is an apprenticeship different from an internship?

A. Apprenticeships are about grooming a new generation of practitioners of a trade
or profession with on-the-job training and accompanying educational opportunities.
And that's exactly what we're doing.

Q. What types of roles are there for apprentices?

A. Opportunities vary each session based on need but can include openings in
account services, sports, experiential, creative, digital/social media, and more.

Q. Do you only have apprentices in your Dallas office?

A. While a majority of our apprentice opportunities are in our Dallas office, we typically
have an opening or two each session in our New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles offices.

Q. Do I have to have graduated from college to apply?

A. You must either be in your final semester or have graduated within two years and must
be available to work 40 hours a week – and on-site during typical work hours – to be
eligible to apply. This is a must because you’re on a real team doing real work. And because
we want to know that if we “fall in love,” you're available to join the agency full time.

Q. How likely is it that I will be hired after the program?

A. Around 80% of our apprentices are hired into entry-level positions after the program.
And you can be hired for a full-time role prior to the session ending. We look at apprentices
first when filling coordinator roles.