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We Are TMA


The Marketing Arm (TMA) is a dynamic creative agency for more than 100 brands with a passion to create and
flawlessly execute brand content, design, experiences, ideas, and storytelling.

We offer a full suite of essential marketing and creative services including strategy and execution across sports and entertainment,
experience, celebrity and influencer procurement, digital and social, shopper and promotion, and content production. We are
relentless in our pursuit to create big ideas that resonate. And then even bigger ideas.

We have made ourselves experts in the forces that resonate with people across culture and we harness human truth and the power
of creativity to help brands find their purpose and voice in our ever-evolving world.

Founded in 1993, TMA has a global staff of more than 700 with offices across the U.S. and around the world, including Dallas,
Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Moscow, São Paulo, and Shanghai.

We believe good people are the key to creating great work, so our brand purpose is rooted in our people. Our purpose is to inspire
the best people to think bigger, improve daily, and maximize fun. And our vision is to be the best in the world at creating cultural
resonance for brands. For brands, cultural resonance is standing up for something people consider meaningful, which is also
aligned to the brand's essence and makes a contribution to the audiences's culture.

We are inspired by a cultural truth: Creativity matters. Brands today know that creativity rooted in authenticity and pop culture is
essential to creating distinction in the marketplace and inspiring people to feel and act in ways that drive business performance.

This cultural truth fuels our brand essence: Creativity That Matters.

  • Creativity that inspires emotion.

  • Creativity that inspires action.

  • Creativity that generates solutions.

  • Creativity that wins awards.

  • Creativity that grows influence.

  • Creativity that builds brands.

  • Creativity that drives growth.

At TMA, we are what we believe. We believe in the power of creativity: creativity that makes people think, feel, and then act.

Creativity brimming with bravery and vision, heart and humor, imagination and truth.

We believe that brands should stand for more than what they’re selling.

With culture as our playground and emotion as our craft, we help our clients change minds, win hearts, and create memories.

We believe that good people are the key to creating great work.

Our halls are filled with passionate thinkers and makers, seasoned experts and rising stars, who unleash each other’s brilliance
and celebrate every win as a team.

Together, we bring ideas from the page into the world, ideas that are so audacious, so original, so meaningful that they couldn’t
come from you or me.

Only we.

We Are TMA. Creativity That Matters.