ray clark
founder & ceo
six word memoir: "Live big, live right, have fun!"
For Ray, the best marketing programs drive brand preference, something that requires aligning brands with consumer passions, whether college football, live music or a good cause.

dan belmont
president, sports
six word memoir: "No, not just bacon, extra bacon."
A leading advocate for consumer engagement, Dan has pioneered new metrics and processes used in planning, buying, and measuring engagement programs.
Management Team

jeff chown
president, celebrity talent
six word memoir: "Everything is better at the lake."
Management Team
gregg hamburger
chief integration officer
six word memoir: "Thought my memoirs would be longer."
lewis henderson
ceo, entertainment
six word memoir: "There's no business like show business."
Management Team
jennifer henry
chief financial officer
six word memoir: "This time is the last time."
michael paley
svp, shopper & events
six word memoir: "Let the game come to me."
Management Team
brad penman
chief operating officer
six word memoir: "Get a little better each day."
andrew robinson
president, consumer engagement
six word memoir: "Youth is wasted on the young, not!"
Management Team
jordis rosenquest
svp, planning & insights
six word memoir: "Disturbing need to know virtually everything."
brad alesi
chief digital officer
six word memoir: "Seek wisdom, stay curious, give thanks."
chris smith
chief strategy officer
six word memoir: "How do we make it better?"
nowell upham
evp, consumer engagement
six word memoir: "Son. Student. Friend. Suit. Husband. Papi."
Management Team
larry weintraub
ceo, social media
six word memoir: "The red pen: Friend and enemy."
Management Team